CI Legends by Rocky Patel

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Rocky Patel: man, myth, or LEGEND!

Within the past few years, Rocky Patel has reached super-stardom in the cigar industry. Indian Tabac helped put him on the map just 10 years ago, and more recently his astounding RP blends, including RP Vintage, RP Sun Grown and Edge have taken things up a notch. Each successive new blend seems to instantaneously become a darling, not only of Cigar Aficionado but of cigar enthusiasts everywhere - pleasing the most discriminating of connoisseurs.

So we're proud to bring you Rocky’s entry into the sales juggernaut that is the CI Legends saga. His blend features a rich, patiently-fermented Corojo wrapper leaf that’s simply gorgeous – oily and toothy. The supremely-aged Honduran long-leaf fillers are plentiful, resulting in layers upon layers of deep, complex flavors including a toasty, coffee-like character and sweet creaminess, complemented by a pleasing charcoal aroma and medium-bodied profile.




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