CI Legends by La Aurora

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​Two legends, one cigar.

Known to the world as the Dominican Republic’s oldest and longest running cigar factory, La Aurora is a giant among giants. Guillermo Leon and Jose Blanco, the men controlling the high-end blends coming from this factory have taken this daunting task by the horns, in order to continue La Aurora’s legendary lineup of top-shelf classics and rival the already existing, highly popular Legends blends. Using a mouthwatering blend of aged tobaccos, their entry accomplishes both.

Within a toothy Nicaraguan leaf, lies a fine blend of Corojo, Cubano Piloto and Nicaraguan tobaccos that has been aging since 2001. Experience an eventful bouquet of flavors with this mellow to medium-bodied beauty. A subtle peppery note mingles with an amaretto-like sweetness, complemented by an enjoyable, woodsy aroma and spicy aftertaste that lingers just long enough to satisfy til the next puff. Smooth from start to finish and pushing out plumes of thick, white smoke, Legends by La Aurora is a treat for the senses.



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