CI Fresh-Rolled Rosado Cuban Wheels

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Fresh-Rolled, Rosado-style.

We aim to please at CI. When we took pen to paper, crunched numbers to the bone, and delivered a savory blend entitled CI Fresh-Rolled Cuban Wheels, we knew we had a winner on our hands. Little did we know how fast, and how many would be flying off the docks. Keeping up with the demand is a battle, and we’ve been getting stink-eyes from purchasing ever since. But all office battles aside, we knew another addition to the line would be welcomed with opened arms. So after scouring the soils of Central America for a blend worthy enough to wear the CI name, we dialed in a sure bet winner.

Hailing from the ultra-rich soils of Esteli, Nicaragua, CI Fresh-Rolled Rosado comes adorning a gorgeous San Agustin Rosado wrapper. Beneath the sheets, a bevy Cuban-seed long-fillers from Nicaragua and Honduras intertwine and deliver a slow burning, enjoyably smooth experience. Notes of sweet spice, wood, and cashew are just a few or the players, and with prices slashed just as much as its predecessor, you’ll be happily partaking in CI Fresh-Rolled Rosado anytime you choose!