Churchill Deluxe by Caribe

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Caviar taste on a pizza budget.

Made by Caribe - makers of Camacho Corojo, Baccarat & Monte Carlo - this cigar is big on value. A "Cuban-sandwich" mixed filler cigar, rolled with high-quality tobaccos, Churchill Deluxe are your basic no-nonsense blends perfect for the golf course, fishing or for handing out to buddies who wouldn’t appreciate a $5 cigar anyway.

Listen, if you’re burning "Churchill Rejects" or some other crummy machine-made homogenized brand, switch to this one. Same price, far superior quality, all-natural tobaccos and more bang for the buck. Made in Honduras from the aged trimmings long and short leaves left over after the manufacture of their long-filler name brands. For just over a buck apiece - watcha waiting for?