CAO Factory Tour Sampler II

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Sampler Deal Du Jour: Factory Tour II.

CAO is a brand known for being innovative in their quest to deliver an unrivaled and unique smoking experience. Never limiting themselves by convention nor remotely concerned with their contemporaries, CAO continues on, selecting the best tobaccos from all over the globe and blending with it to the beat of their own drum. They've earned legions of loyal followers while scoring a mother lode of 90+ ratings. Simply put, CAO makes fantastic cigars. Today, their perpetuation of quality and value rages on, as you can pick up the CAO Factory Tour II Sampler and experience the best of what CAO has to offer. Featuring the '92' rated Colombia, the '91' rated Brazilia, and the '91' rated Italia, plus more, this selection is a great way to see for yourself CAO makes some of the tastiest stogies the world wide.

CAO Factory Tour II Sampler contains:
2 x CAO Brazilia Gol! (5.0"x56) '91' rated
2 x CAO Colombia Tinto (5.0"x50) '92' rated
2 x CAO Italia Ciao (5.0"x56) '92' rated
2 x CAO Extreme Robusto (5.0"x54)
2 x CAO Black Bengal (6.0"x50)