CAO Black & Gold Flight Sampler

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Black Gold, baby!

Two of CAO’s first and finest, assembled in one awesome packaged. The CAO Black and Gold sampler contains two fan-favorite, medium-bodied cigars under one awesome roof. CAO Gold was one of CAO’s first 90-rated cigars, and is known across the world for its silky, smooth flavor. Combine it with CAO Black, and you’ve got a knockout winner. CAO Black is individually dressed in cedar, and comes to the party to impress. Smooth, woodsy, and slightly peppery, the amount of customers who call this one their favorite cigar would blow your mind. Though their full-bodied cigars have been getting the praise lately, do yourself a favor and revisit these golden classics — you’ll be more than happy you did.  

The CAO Black & Gold Flight Sampler includes:
3 – CAO Black Storm (5” x 50)
3 – CAO Black Frontier (7” x 50)
3 – CAO Gold Robusto (5” x 50)
3 – CAO Gold Churchill (7” x 48)