CAO 5-Star #2 Sampler

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A collection of CAO’s best.

CAO made its name in the cigar industry by releasing a steady tide of ultra-flavorful, highly-rated blends. This best-selling premium brand continues to push the envelope and keep the pedal to the metal by using intriguing blends and by using distinct tobaccos. This sampler is jam-packed with 5 different blends, giving you a taste of the flavors that led CAO to the top, a lofty perch they continue to inhabit to this day. Pick up a sampler or 2 and see for yourself why CAO remains ever popular and the go-to brand for cigar lovers far and wide.

CAO Factory Tour Sampler contains:
1 – CAO Brazilia Gol! (5”x56)
1 – CAO Italia Ciao (5”x56)
1 – CAO Colombia Tinto (5”x50)
1 – CAO Extreme Robusto (5”x54)
1 – CAO Black Bengal (6”x50)