Caldwell Straight Razor

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Shave the way your granddaddy did.

Ask ten men how to shave, and you’re likely to get ten different answers. Shaving used to be a ritual, a skill that took time and patience, and a steady hand. My grandfather had one razor for his entire life, and I can’t remember his beard ever being unruly. He took pride in his razor, and was appalled when men’s shaving accessories became just another disposable product to replace often, rather than taking good care of them. Now Caldwell Cigars wants to take us back to basics.

You won’t find an electric handle or more blades than you can count on one hand on this beauty. Instead, Caldwell brought us a classic straight-razor with their iconic branding, so you can bring all the quality you know you get from Caldwell to your morning routine. Instead of fancy ‘innovations’ and crazy technology, you’ll get a single sharp steel blade which flips out from a sturdy, comfortable handle. It takes a bit of practice if you’re used to the 7-blade monstrosities on the market today, but a good shave with a classic straight razor is a truly luxurious experience, comparable to sitting down with one of Caldwell’s fine cigars. So grab yourself one of these razors and stop paying an arm and a leg to get hair off your face.