Bugatti B-1001 Torch Lighter

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A fantastic cigar lighter by a top of the line manufacturer that promises hundreds of toasted sticks!

You've probably heard of Bugatti, when they're not crafting some of the finest automobiles on the planet, they're using that engineering expertise to make some of the best cigar lighters money can buy. This Bugatti B-1001 Torch Lighter is made of solid-metal and has a crisp silver, modern look in a size that's perfect for your pocket. As for the flame, look for a pyramid-style torch that stems from a dual-flame. The tank is relatively large and there's even a fold out punch cutter that helps make this lighter the perfect tool for travel.

This B-1001 lighter will arrive brand new in Bugatti's original packaging. Be sure you have Butane on-hand with this guy as the lighters do ship empty due to DOT regulations.