Boveda Seasoning Humi-Packets - Bulk Packed

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Boveda Humidor Seasoning Kits are the easiest and most ideal way to get your brand new humidor up to speed.

When your humidifier shows 68% you are ready to go.

Remove the Seasoning Pack(s), recharge your humidifier and add your cigars.It's that simple!

There is a simple formula to determine how may Boveda Packs you require.

You will need one Pack for the Humidor itself and then one pack for every 50 cigars of capacity.

So if you have a humidor that holds 40 cigars, use 2 packs. If your box holds 75 cigars, use 3 packs. 100 cigars, 3 packs.

The same formula holds true when starting your humidor off with the seasoning packs