Bohemian Red Corojo

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The Bohemian Red Corojo Special Figurado is manufactured by Victor Sinclair Cigars and hand rolled in the Dominican Republic. The first things that you might notice when looking at this cigar are the unique ‘ chisel’ shaped top as well as the bright red Brazilian Corojo wrapper. You should know that the wrapper was not dyed to achieve this color and what you're looking at is in fact the natural color of the wrapper. This aesthetically beautiful cigar was constructed with delicious long filler tobaccos from Nicaragua, Brazil, and the Dominican Republic and a Nicaraguan binder. We found it a medium-to-full-bodied smoke, providing heaps of various flavors including rich tobacco, earth, pepper, spices, coffee, and wood. Look for an easy draw with a spicy, pleasing aroma that we found goes best with a nice cup of joe. There are several ways to cut this cigar and it all comes down to personal preference. For example,some people prefer to wet the top using their mouth and then gently squeeze the sides until the top pops open while others prefer a hole punch or even a double hole punch (side by side hole punches). A straight guillotine cut will work as well but we recommend that you just shave off the very tip.