Black Ops Rubicon S.E.

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Black Ops Cigars have had this same effect on many-a-connoisseur since arriving on the scene not too long ago, but with their newest, and quite possibly best release yet, the line will be crossed, and everyone who dare cross it will be committed for life. There will be no turning back, but the silver lining is, when you cross this line, you’ll never want to. Black Ops Rubicon is a bold statement, one you will have to try to believe. Coming in rugged, military-grade ammo cans, these limited edition gems are a rare collector’s item you won’t want to be without. The pristine quality of the cigars only puts the cherry atop this cigar sundae of goodness.

Rubicon, the blend that will have you committed from the very first draw, looks tasty enough to eat. Arriving with guns blazing in a Sun-drenched Pennsylvania Broadleaf maduro wrapper, Rubicon is easy on the eyes to say the least. Lying just beneath, a refined Brazilian binder hugs long-leaf fillers from the Dominican, Honduras, and Panama. If you weren’t counting, that’s a 5-country onslaught on flavor that you can only hope your palate will be prepared for. Complex notes of sweet cream, coffee, oak, and black cherry all make appearances throughout the duration of this medium to full-bodied treat. With a blend as rare as this, it should go without saying that quantities are extremely limited. My recommendation…hop on these bad boys early, before this gravy train comes to a halt.