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Bahia’s built a reputation around affordable-but-damn-tasty handmades. From Blu to Maduro, it’s all good. And at CI prices they’ll only cost ya a couple of bucks apiece. So what’s better than tasty, affordable Bahia handmades? Tasty, even-more-affordable Bahia handmades. Actually, they’re damn cheap and they’re called Bahia Factory Fresh.

Handcrafted in the La Aurora factory, this mellow, Dominican long-filler blend cuts out the bands, cuts out the boxes, and moves to economical mazos of 50 cigars to bring the price all the way down to just over a buck apiece. Subtle, delicious, long-filler Bahia’s for a buck? Get in line and savor a smooth and creamy profile that’s easygoing, mellow to the core, and filled with notes of sweet cream, pepper, and cedar.

Now available in natural and maduro wrappers.