Ave Maria Mega-Sampler

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Battling Inferior Blends

There's no subtlety to Ave Maria. The bands, the packaging... it'll all blow you away before you even fire one up. And the cigars? Good lord! These tasty premiums from AJ Fernandez are some of the finest cigars coming out of Nicaragua right now. So while some brands may rest on their laurels of yesterday, Ave Maria continues to churn out exquisite handmade. And that's on full display here with the brand new Ave Maria Mega-Sampler. 

Ave Maria Mega Sampler includes:
5 - Ave Maria Reconquista Torpedo (7" x 54)
5 - Ave Maria Immaculata Belicoso (6" x 54)
5 - Ave Maria Crusader (5" x 52)
5 - Ave Maria Argentum Robusto (4.9" x 52)