Aganorsa Supreme Leaf

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A vibrant addition to Aganorsa Leaf’s portfolio!

Since 1998, Eduardo Fernandez has overseen the production of Aganorsa Leaf Cigars out of his factory located in Estelí, Nicaragua. His brand is known for a signature flavor that combines classic Cuban flavors and fragrances with all the amazing attributes of the Nicaraguan soil and environment where the tobacco is grown.

The Aganorsa Supreme Leaf cigar is a bold addition to this line of cigars. The use of Nicaraguan fillers and binders grown in Eduardo’s fields, deliciously wrapped with a daring Corojo ’99 leaf, the flavors of this cigar offer a complex marriage of spice and sweetness. The vibrant, colorful packaging mirrors the bold medium to full-bodied flavor profile letting you know you’re in for a satisfying cigar experience.