5 Vegas Series 'A' Mega-Sampler

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A Series of stellar cigars

Hands down, 5 Vegas Series A is one of the best handmades on the market. Just ask our guys here at CI, they went nuts for this cigar. From the flavorful, dark chocolate Costa Rican Maduro wrapper to the three-country long-filler blend comprised of four-year-aged tobaccos, Series A is a savory medium to full-bodied treat. Dive into the waves of tasty notes you’ll get from head to foot including light spice, coffee, and a hearty serving of toasty earthiness while an aftertaste of sweetness soothes your palate. 

All in all 5 Vegas Series A is a cigar you’ll make a staple in your humidor. Get a taste of the different Series A vitolas in the ultra-affordable Mega-Sampler we have to offer. There’s something for every cigar aficionado in this collection, and you know with 5 Vegas it’s a must-try. 

The 5 Vegas Series ‘A’ Mega-Samper includes:
5 - 5 Vegas Series 'A' Artisan (5" x 52)
5 - 5 Vegas Series 'A' Archetype (6" x 50)
5 - 5 Vegas Series 'A' Alpha (6" x 52)
5 - 5 Vegas Series 'A' Apostle (7" x 50)